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Do any of these sound familiar?

How many times have you had a problem with your drone or computer that needed to be fixed right away but there was no one available that instant?

Have a report or paper due tomorrow and your printer isn’t working? You can usually have someone at your house in the next couple of days if you’re lucky.

Computer crashing with some error that you’ve never heard of? Fixing it yourself usually involves hours of looking through online forums hoping the answer is hidden somewhere.

Do you have a drone that is given you some strange error when you fly it or just have questions? Back to hunting through online forums for a couple hours hoping to find a solution.

My friend, you’re not alone.

Many people have technology that just happens to stop working when they need it most. You’ll eventually get answers and get it fixed but how long will that take and how much will it cost?

Most tech repair shops will not answer any questions and will just return the tech to you fixed. These shops will not allow you to call or text for any questions that you may have. Instead they leave it up to you to just “figure it out” and if it doesn’t work you can bring it in and pay.

What if it was a simple fix that didn’t need to cost $79.99? They just had the knowledge and you would have had to search for it online with the small chance that you might fight something useful.

That $79.99 fix could’ve been a simple as changing a setting on your computer.

There is a solution to all these problems and it comes at a lower price and a faster result.

Price of the Tech Accelerator Program