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Most drone repairs done in 7 days or less. FREE Diagnostic.


Below are the following services we offer

Drone Repair

Had a bad flight? No worries, our experts will have your drone ready to fly again. We work on all brand name drones (Phantom, Inspire, 3DR, Yuneec, Chroma drones and many more ) as well as custom built drones.

Computer Repair

Whether your computer just stopped working randomly or your internet went out. Maybe it has just slowed down over time. We can fix it for you. If you notice anything wrong don’t hesitate to contact us!

Macbook Logic Board Repair

If your Macbook exhibits any of the issues below, this is the service for you.

Custom PC Building

Always wanted a super fast PC with the latest components ? We will build a PC to your exact liking. Even if your not a gamer, you can always get more bang for your buck when you build your own PC versus buying a pre-built computer.

Drone Lessons

We offer 3 different levels of drone classes starting from the very basics and working to more advanced piloting techniques. We offer a certification of completion for each level mastered.

  1. Cadet (Basic Take-Off and landing, directional flying, choosing the right flying conditions)
  2. Private (Setting up hover zones, photography techniques, different modes of control)
  3. Pilot (Drone Racing, Professional Aerial Film)